Foggy Mornings

One of mother natures gifts is a gorgeous sparkly spider web on a foggy morning. Don't forget to slow down and look around once in a while. Until next time, enjoy your cool views. X


Follow the light

So my last blog mentioned me heading into the rainforest to find a waterfall and get my mojo back for photography. What I didn't mention was what happened when I turned to leave. With my full focus on getting the perfect photo of the waterfall, I hadn't bothered to turn around and see the dappled... Continue Reading →

Do go chasing waterfalls

So I have spoken before about wanting to see the world and all that is out there, in fact I probably rabbit on about it far to much! But.....I have also written about exploring what is in your own backyard. Now I don't mean immediately outside your back door, I mean places within a gentle... Continue Reading →

Insist on Iceland

I've always loved to travel as you know and Iceland has been on my bucket list long before it came into vogue for a lot of people. Rather than writing why you should visit, I thought I just present some of my photos as evidence to convince you. The diversity in this amazing country just... Continue Reading →

Vue de Paris

Aahhhh the city of love 💕 the place we all dream to visit at least once in our lifetime. So how long is long enough, and what do I see when I visit because when you google Paris you are presented with so many things to do and see that the mind boggles as to... Continue Reading →

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb

When you are planning your holiday there are two big expenses, flights and accommodation. So flights are easily negotiated with specials and travel expo bookings to get the best price, but how do you keep the expenses down with accommodation, but still enjoy all the luxuries and benefits of a hotel? Now I have hung... Continue Reading →

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